ADA pool maintained by Poligram GmbH. We are Capital Market and Fund Management Software Solution Experts.

We prepare to share operators profit. In cooperation with our partner we will establish a donation program. suPPPort ltd. with its Headquarter at Hong Kong is a global sustainability consultancy that provides solutions in the field of sustainable supply chain management and corporate responsibility.

Name: ADAPG is an ADA Pool maintained by Poligram GmbH

Ticker: ADAPG

Pool ID (bech32): pool13m5c3jtlvg2mgk5chl5zu8adsdk47qumlpxmuspcd3855m8t73r

Pool ID (hex): 8ee988c97f6215b45a98bfe82e1fad836d5f039bf84dbe40386c4f4a


More information will follow.

company and ada solution info:

Poligram GmbH
Rilkeweg 4
59519 Möhnesee